Ben Dayho is Quizboy, he is multi talented and plays all the instruments.In addition to that the entire album was home recorded all by Ben Dayho himself. The first track of the album “Bella” features drums from Nicholas Schlesinger, an accomplished drummer and studio musician. According to Ben his music is described as heavy grunge and punk influence, his writings lately reflect a dark time period we all seem to be living in.

All the songs were penned during 2020, the release is a reflection of how that felt. The album “Bella is named “Bella” because that was Ben’s dog that unfortunately passed away during the quarantine. It was a pivotal point that set the tone for everything that has happened since then, as well as influenced the writing.

“Believe” may not be released on the album but it’s not to be looked over, this slow, melodic song with hints of screaming will give you an idea of what “Bella” is going to sound like. Kicking off the album is “Again”, which features drummer Nicholas Schlesinger. “Again” is on the heavier side of grunge and leans more towards punk, Schlesinger provides a steady hard hitting drum beat so Ben is able to just absolutely kill it vocally.

Quizboy did an amazing job at easing you into “What You Say”, this song is heavy with a capital H. This is the song that starts the mosh pit, the type of song that makes you angry cry, it will help you release feelings you didn’t even know you had. This is the song the transports you back into a 90s MTV music video where everything is upside down and static-y.

When “Invalid” comes on you almost get a sense of relief, like you’re able to catch your breath. Although you’re only three songs in, the first two were hard hitting songs that requires energy. “Invalid” is more on the grunge side so it allows you to recover your energy so you can continue listening to “Bella”.

“He” is a more interactive type song, it starts off with a gentleman talking almost as if it’s directed towards you. Quizboy really goes all out with this song, it’s unique, it’s dark, it makes you want to bounce off walls and also maybe safely smash your head into a wall. “He” brings up all kinds of aggression.

Quizboy understood the assignment, he got you hyped up then slowed it down towards the end so you can absorb the album that is “Bella”. These last two songs “Shoot the Messenger” and “I See You” were the perfect way to end the album, Quizboy has generated hundreds of thousands of listens for a reason. It’s never to late to discover his music.

“It’s really sad music that you can do the twist to.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Audio Mirage Studios





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