“We All Must Go” by Movment

Alongside the bands new album “Transformation” comes the single “We All Must Go”, a strong rock song with great production, infectious guitar tones and a powerful undertone.

“We All Must Go” looks at the big questions of life and death with maturity and hope. Is there nothing on the other side? Do we come back? The band believes in an after life and encourages using our time on earth to the best of our ability. The duo, originating from Mullingar in Ireland, wants you to leave your mark on the world.

The band consists of Martin (Vocals, Drums) and Kevin Kelly (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Programming). Utilizing both technology and classic rock instruments, Movment craft post punk songs by mixing their talents at crafting indie riffs and electronic ideas with dark themes and questions.

Authentic as they come, Movment mean what they say. Their new album looks at the world we live in today, overrun by propaganda and fake news. They look at the overwhelming divergence in society. The album’s title ‘Transformation’ originated from the bands desire to shift the surreal culture of today and get people back to reality.

With each song showing a strong growth in songwriting and production, Movment are slowly defining themselves as one of Ireland’s most exciting and original alt rock bands of recent years. Stream their new single “We All Must Go” and album “Transformation” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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