“Loaded” by Songs for Sabotage (feat. Blood Handsome)

Songs for Sabotage’s final single of 2021, released on the 10th of December is a cascading dream of stunning production and captivating sounds.

The creativity of both artists is on full display in “Loaded” with strong performances all round. Lina Sophie’s vocals are addictive and marred with the gorgeous guitar playing, create a particularly emotive soundscape. Blood Handsome’s contribution to the track adds a delightful energy and character alongside the gorgeous instrumentation.

Richey Rose, the producer and guitarist for Songs for Sabotage describes the tracks inception:

“We wrote this song over the summer with Blood Handsome, who I’ve known since high school. We grew up playing in the same local punk rock scene in Lexington, Kentucky and now both live in Los Angeles. We’ve been on our respective creative paths for a while now, and those paths have crossed several times in recent years. We decided it was time to do a track together and Loaded is what came out of those sessions.”

The track is accompanied by a music video shot entirely on film and VHS, directed and edited by NYC artists “All Rights Aint Reserved”. It perfectly captures the tracks aesthetic and overall vibe whilst never taking away from the song. It’s glitchy, VHS aesthetic compliments the nostalgic undertone to the song’s strong lyricism.

Lina Sophie, the vocalist and guitarist spoke about the music videos creation:

“We shot this video with All Rights Aint Reserved who were recommended to us by a mutual friend. We immediately loved their lo-fi/glitch aesthetic and thought it would be the perfect visual direction for the vibe of Loaded. For this video we returned to the streets of the Lower East Side, where we started SFS in early 2019. The All Rights crew were able to capture genuinely candid moments that happened to us as we were wandering around our old neighbourhood. The video also features us performing the song in front of projections, including Blood Handsome’s performance which we shot here in LA.”

The band’s unique style of gloom pop houses elements of rock with their vivacious energy dripping off every single. With 2021’s discography an indie marvel, there’s no telling what 2022 will bring for the LA duo but you can expect great songs along the way. Stream their new single now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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