“Chemicals” by Colder Suns

The second single off of Colder Suns upcoming album “Ex-Display” is another banger in the bands continuous effort to prove that, not only is rock alive and well, it’s thriving in the UK.

Colder Suns exciting take on rock and roll is in the midst of breathing new life into the general public’s subconscious that rock music is not going anywhere. The four piece, made up of Ben Martin (Vocals & Guitars), Paul Hayes (Guitars), Redd Reddington (Drums) and Charlie Hayes (bass) are old friends. Their main influences consist of Velvet Revolver, The Cult, Foo Fighters, Guns n Roses, Van Halen and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. In countless projects over the past twenty years, they finally bit the bullet and formed Colder Suns.

“Chemicals” was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Brook Studios in Wallington. Engineered by and produced in conjunction with Andy Brook who is an award-winning producer who has worked with Status Quo, Bonnie Tyler, Ginger Wildheart and Uriah Heep to name a few. The song is a commentary on modern day pressures, when a job becomes a career and a family becomes a responsibility. It’s about emotional reactions in the heat of the moment and how those reactions impact your life moving forward.

Lead vocalist Ben Martin spoke about the song: “Chemicals is probably my favourite track off of our upcoming album, it’s a song we have had in various stages of development for a little over 10-years so when we finalised the band line-up, we decided to start with finishing Chemicals first… it’s our very own Chinese Democracy”

Due to play a headlining gig at the historic Spice of Life in Soho in January, there’s no better time to stream the upcoming rock bands new single “Chemicals”. Find it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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