“Gun For Hire” by October Brigade and Liel Bar-Z

Opening with powerful piano and a plinky synth melody, “Gun For Hire” is intense and exciting from the get-go. Performed by Chicago collaboration October Brigade and vocalist Liel Bar-Z, the high energy is established immediately. At points the slow-moving instrumental makes the song feel double-time. Whenever one idea felt like it was settling the song was already moving onto the next. Pushed along by percussion that could have been performed on a festival stage, the atmosphere was intriguing and awesome all around.

Sounding like a battle between electronics and hauntingly beautiful vocals, I found myself constantly leaning in to hear the details. The sheer amount of different voices kept the texture moving and fun without every settling. Sometimes huge and strong while at others thin and contemplative. Both the gorgeous vocals and the energetic instrumental were able to do their thing without getting in the way of one another.. Although I described it as a battle, each voice listened to one another and built upon the overall vibe instead of vying for the spotlight.

In addition to the presence the vocals provide, their lyricism fits the tone phenomenally. Every last line was well thought out and poetic without losing the instrumentals energy. It was pivotal to the underlying intensity of “Gun For Hire”. Not only did the singsonginess contrast the EDM synths, but it was contemplative and powerful. Another great collaboration between the talented Liel Bar-Z and October Brigade, and definitely not one you’re going to want to miss. 

“Gun For Hire” by October Brigade and Liel Bar-Z is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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