“In Love… Again (feat. Golden Plates)” by Everything but the Everything

Full throttle new wave post punk from the get-go, “In Love… Again” marks a triumphant final single for Everything but the Everything’s 2021.

Everything but the Everything, the moniker of Northern California songwriter Izzy the Gent, has dropped his latest single “In Love…Again” on all streaming platforms. The song premiered this week via MXDWN. In true form, Izzy invited his favourite musicians and vocalists to collaborate on each track, and for “In Love…Again” brought in acclaimed songwriter Golden Plates to lend his talent. Everything but the Everything (EBTE) is known for viscerally energetic tracks with a new wave touch, including layers of synths, driving bass and new wave styled vocals.

The partnership between the two artists resulted in a brilliant track housing some gorgeous post punk energy. Similar to the influential rock stylings of Ian Curtis and Paul Banks, “In Love… Again” has a stunning bass line that guide the main body of the track effortlessly. A sonic landscape devised of gorgeous synthesizers allows Golden Plates vocals to dance above the track.

With each new single, Izzy’s songwriting grows and with each new collaboration his ability to craft dynamic and captivating songs increases tenfold. His ability to combine classic post punk sounds with a modern indie touch demands your attention. Both artists talk about their unique connection and the songs origin:

“Elder Brycen was a fan of my latest release and we ended up connecting on Instagram, and of course after hearing his music I was hooked as well. We talked about collaborating for a while and after tracking ideas and files back and forth, we found the perfect track and we are now excited to share this single with you. We really worked on finding the balance between some of my bright and strummy ideas vs many of his dark and driving tracks, and this was the perfect fit for both of us.” – Izzy The Gent

“It’s a story about the time you meet someone, and they’re incredible, and they really seem to like you too… so you go and sabotage everything before they get the opportunity to break your already maimed heart into tiny little pieces.” – Golden Plates (Elder Brycen)

Listen to music from Everything but the Everything on Spotify or visit his official website at everythingbuttheeverything.com.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman




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