“Before it Blows Up” by The Loveseats

The Loveseats, consisting of producer, pianist, and beat maker Josh Barrera & singer-songwriter/instrumentalist Ryan Reaves, have made the most of their time in the pandemic writing unique, soulful pop music like “Before it Blows Up”.

Completely independent, The Loveseats have recorded all their songs since 2019 in an old apartment in the Tower District of Fresno, California. The project, completely independent of any funding or investment, has a distinct aura that separates The Loveseats from other indie bands out there today.

Groovy alternative pop music that utilises harmonic folky lyrics over strong bass lines… it’s safe to say The Loveseats are as original as they come. Their music has an emphasis on rhythm but features introspective and emotive lyrics. Imagine a dance party at a physicist’s house.

The band talk about their upcoming album below:

“Waves & Wobbles” is a full-length album split into two distinct parts which can be enjoyed separately as individual expressions or listened to in succession as a complete story. “Waves” begins the story of leaving lost love and a part life behind to embark on a journey out to sea. A heavy storm in the night leaves you and your vessel broken and stranded on a beautiful, deserted island. The glory and relief of surviving the storm and landing on a pristine beach slowly fades as hunger, isolation, and desperation sink in. You decide that you must leave the shore and travel into the dark interior of the island in order to survive and shed yourself of the past you have continued to hold onto to. “Wobbles” begins with a decent into the jungle interior of the island. In the hot, steamy, darkness of the jungle, you battle harsh memories reflected in the winding, turbulent, untamed rain forest you are forced to navigate. Your old memories burn away as the need to survive drives you deeper and deeper in. You eventually stumble into a beautiful clearing where you are able to both find solace, safety, and closure with the past you’ve been running from. From here, you are able to find your way out of the jungle and return home.”

A perfect fusion of hip hop, folk, alt pop and R&B, The Loveseat’s are an electrifying upcoming band with a wholly original sound and vibe. “Before it Blows Up” is an eccentric fusion of all the elemts that make this band work so well and a clear growth in the bands incredible ability as song-writers. Stream “Before it Blows Up” now before, well, it blows up.

Catch their great music video here aswell!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman




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