“Old Wounds” by Darrian Gerard

Canadian-based female vocalist Darrian Gerard touches the world with her soft and soul-stirring vocals in her latest release, “Old Wounds.” The rock-pop track is about visiting painful memories you once closed, and it is unbelievable how Gerard perfectly captured the emotions in reminiscing those painful memories.

The song starts off soft with just keys, a simple beat, and Gerard’s vocals. As Gerard sings the first verse, some of the lyrics stick out because they are deep.

“And I know I was young, but I couldn’t understand why you’d hurt me, you didn’t deserve me // But like a needle on a thread, you repaired me, yeah you got me.”

As the second verse enters, the song intensifies with more thrashing from the percussion and increased passion in Gerard’s voice. While the song’s concept is sad, one can even say that the thrashing of the drums demonstrates anger, which is reasonable considering visiting painful memories may cause you to feel those emotions again, whether it’s sadness or anger — maybe both.

Gerard’s voice is stunning and unique. While it sounds like pop-punk prince Avril Lavigne style-wise, Gerard’s voice is small and smooth.
Gerard closed up her 2021 music career with “Old Wounds,” making it her fifth released single of that year.

From the sounds of the track, Gerard is not only an incredible emerging artist but one that many will love due to the impact she makes on their lives with her talents. Thank you, Gerard, and we look forward to more of your music.

Written by Taylor Berry

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