Emerging pop duo Laza! clears up the confusion and stereotypes regarding females for the world in their debut single “Girls.” While we take our time to ensure we look good, that’s not all we are about. “Girls,” a finger-snapping sassy song that embodies female empowerment, demands women to not be underestimated and to see that we can rule the world. Need an example? Just look at Oprah and Michelle Obama.

The track is a mixture of synth-pop and indie rock with vibrant instrumentals and flawless vocal quality — the instrumentals also contribute to the immense energy. While the beat is simple, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of the song that gives it its power. The lead singer, Luiza, has an incredible voice with so much passion and control and provides the music with its bite.

It’s fantastic how Laza! released the record at the beginning of the new year because with a new year comes resolutions. There’s no doubt that “Girls” is just what many women and girls need to hear to remind them that they are capable of anything and not let anyone stop them, especially if they genuinely want their New Year’s resolutions to happen.

Not only did Laza! start off their duo act correctly by creating this masterpiece, but they also provided many of us a bit of encouragement to start our new year off right and stay on the right path.

Written by Taylor Berry




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