“Dreary Day” by Tuff Ghost

Los Angelos based artist Tuff Ghost aka Lena Brown is a solo musician. She does everything from being the vocalist to being her own DJ. Tuff Ghost is completely independent, she performs, produces, and mixes all of her music. She also has a unique sound that is derived from many long hours spent on her precise sound design, coupled with her own vocals and lyricism that is uniquely her own. This single was recorded in Tuff Ghost’s studio in Los Angeles as she is the sole person involved with it’s creation.

Tuff Ghost is no stranger to making hits, she has a way of enticing her audience and always leaves you wanting more. “Dreary Day” is the latest single from the multi talented solo artist. According to Tuff Ghost this song in particular is very subdued, melancholy and somewhat dark. It was inspired by the seasons changing from warmer to colder, lighter to darker.

When asked, Tuff Ghost said that “Dreary Day” is about not feeling like doing anything, and the irony of how we sometimes sit around and think about how we are being useless or won’t get anywhere, and would rather think about that than actually do anything to change it. If you say you don’t know that feeling then you’re lying. That feeling may be all too familiar to majority of you, especially in times like this.

“Dreary Day” is an extremely emotional song but strangely enough, it’s just what you need to get motivated to get out of the funk you may be in.  Tuff Ghost does an excellent job at making you feel heard and making you feel understood. It’s hard to feel alone when someone else is unintentionally describing your exact emotions.

“Dreary Day” is the song you need in your life. This is the song that will resonate with many different people, it’s a relatable song that makes you bob your head and cry a little bit….but the good kind of cry. You will want to add this to any of your “big feelings” playlist. Tuff Ghost is an artist you don’t want to miss out on.

“This song epitomizes exactly what I was feeling that rainy day, as the darkness began to come earlier, and the sky became grey more often. Feeling creatively stuck, I decided to be very very literal and honest.” – Tuff Ghost

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits:  Jasmine Moser




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