“Roses” by Pio Hartnett

Photo Credit: Zak Higgins

Way back when it was normal for people to be married and have two to three kids by the time they were 30 and while things have changed the emergence of social media has put pressure on some once more. It may not be the whole marriage and kids thing, but the pressure to find this grandiose love is real. So much so, Pop Hartnett felt inspired to pen “Roses,” the first single from his upcoming debut EP. 

“Roses” tells the tale of someone who initially felt they were in the wrong for not being coupled up and in love, but then realized that when it comes to that sort of thing – you cannot force it. This realization set to song is wonderful but lyrically and musically. It reminded me of when Hellogoodbye shifted from effervescent pop-rock into a more well-defined indie-pop act. “Roses” starts with this simplistic, raw acoustic moment and inches towards this burst of indie delight. 

Pio Harnett recently admitted that he’d spent a lot of time writing about the bigger things in life, but now wants to dial it back and be more laser-focused. “Roses” definitely encapsulates that and then some. If this is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come from his 2022 debut EP, then we cannot wait to hear the rest. To check out “Roses” and a couple of other previous releases before the EP drops, make sure to find Pio Hartnett on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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