True love will make one move mountains, literally. lomipo, the duo project of Israeli-natives Orian Rose and Shai Pinto, has an uplifting new track, “New Man”, which encompasses this love. When deciding to make the massive move from Israel to New York to pursue his dreams, Orian’s girlfriend showed how genuine her love is for him by moving with him. With moving, comes change. Sometimes, it can grow people apart or bring them closer to each other than they ever were before. Luckily for them, their love only grew more potent, and with that came lomipo’s new sound.

“New Man” is all that is positive: soaring guitars, exhilarating guitar, uplifting lyrics, and is ultra-catchy. Shai plays guitar and bass and is the man behind the silky-smooth vocals, switching from almost whispering to showing off his full range. Orian Rose plays the piano, synths, and drums.

“New Man ” begins with more of a singer-songwriter element, with Shai’s voice and instrumentals starting slow and quiet, with lyrics discussing how Orian used to be. He sings about his nights until 3 am with his friends. As the music subtly gets louder and more intense, so does Shai’s voice. Once the chorus arrives, the changes to both Orian’s life and the music itself are showcased.

The lyrics, “I’m a new man, new man baby, and I like you, and even though I didn’t show you, I’ll try to,” as well as “You’re my new girl, new girl baby,” are heard. The second verse is an inspiring shift from the first verse: Shai’s voice gradually increases, and the guitars and drums uplifting. An exhilarating guitar solo comes in the middle, adding a rock element to the more indie-pop genre that the first half was, making the song enjoyable for a large audience.

“New Man” is the beginning of a new era for lomipo’s music; Keep a lookout for this highly talented duo, as it can only go up from here!

 Picture Creds: Noy Finer

Written by Melissa Cusano

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