“Broken” by Jesse Grossi

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we stumble and fall along the way. Despite the pain and struggles that we face, we need to find the strength to overcome our challenges in order to lead a life that is meaningful and productive. The single “Broken” by Jesse Grossi sheds light on this topic.

“Broken” begins with the sound of an audio recording of a person talking in the background, leading up to an intense performance from the acoustic guitar and the vocals of Jesse Grossi. Grossi’s vocals are powerful and filled with such raw emotion, which can be heard as Jesse Grossi sings the following lyrics. “I hide it well but truly I am unhappy. My shattered pieces I try to combine. I try and repair the destruction I’ve left behind.” During the first half of the chorus, there is a shift within the song’s tempo as the guitar is playing at a slower pace. The vocals become rich in harmony, giving the song more depth. Another shift occurs within the song after the chorus is sung for the second time. The song becomes a bit louder in sound, a female singer is introduced, and the drums and electric guitar make an appearance. “Broken” ends on a softer, heartfelt note as Jesse Grossi offers a glimpse of hope acknowledging that things will get better in time.

Jesse Grossi is based in Los Angeles, California and he is an indie rock singer – songwriter. “Broken” is Jesse Grossi’s latest release, but he has been creating music since 2020.


Written by Brittany Jennings 





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