Saul Blake’s latest track “X” is a hard-hitting emotional song about co-dependency. Dependency can be shown in many forms, and in “X”, Blake is using it to discuss both his dependency with drugs and for someone he loves. The grittiness in Blake’s voice is unbelievably beautiful. The track is catchy, emotional, and so real. Fans of music with soul and deep lyrics will not be able to get enough of this hard-hitting track.

Saul Blake is an extremely unique and special artist, with such a distinctive sound, that there is honestly no artist that he can be compared to. Saul is from the West of Ireland, and has been making music since he was 14 years old. He doesn’t stray from one genre, as he dabbles in hip hop, trap, and pop, always having a unique element to whatever he brings to the table. 

“X” begins with an acoustic guitar, accompanied by Saul’s raspy voice, full of pain. Lyrics such as, “These drinks don’t work so I smoke this weed to calm me down”, and “Only get this high when I text your phone” shows how closely tied any type of dependency is. Saul effortlessly switches from rapping in the verses to highlighting his vocal range in the chorus. 

Blake has been in the music game for quite some time now, beginning with a group called red eye rollers in 2010. The group consisted of 3 members, and they toured across Ireland, until eventually turning into a duo called the The Rap Scallions. The group signed with Mic-a-Blaze records, but in 2014 Saul decided to make a name for himself and begin making music solo. In April 2020, after a long four year hiatus, Blake released his first single, “Socialites”, and has been releasing banger after banger ever since.

“X” deserves to be a hit in 2022, as it is so different from other music coming out today. Fans of rap, love songs, and pop will all find something they can relate to in this track. More than anything, the emotion in Blake’s voice plays through, that it makes anyone hearing it stop and really listen to what he is is trying to say. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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