“Seared” by Iceblink

The self-released first single off of Iceblink’s upcoming debut EP is a dreamy escapade into heartfelt indie rock that makes our first glimpse into Iceblink’s discography as memorable as they come.

Based in Brooklyn, Iceblink is made up of Martin Newman (guitars/mellotron), James Newman (bass/drums) and Andrea Lynn (vocals). In the process of completing their debut EP, the band have released “Seared” an enigmatic and exciting song that’s garnered serious radio play and blog features. Described by Records I Like as “a mix of fuzz, ethereal and some noise alongside some glistening musical passages”, the group are already turning heads with their unique and inviting sound.

The track’s warm production and enchanting opening guitar melody feels like a summer daydream. The soft reverb and chugging bass are reminiscent of a Cocteau Twin’s song, but the drums and chord progressions house a more indie rock/ post rock appeal. The outro is a blissful exit, filled with rich vocal melodies and instrumentation.

With this single marking Iceblink as an indie dream-pop band to look out for there’s never been a better time to start streaming before their exciting debut EP hits the airwaves. Full of rich performances and lush sonic landscapes, “Seared” is an excellent opener and a captivating first single. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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