“New Man” by Lomipo

It’s the new year and indie-pop duo Lomipo, comprising Shai Pinto (vocals, guitar, bass, and production) and Orian Rose (piano, synth, drums, and production), is inspiring listeners with their recent single “New Man,” released Jan. 14, 2022. Combining genres like indie, rock, and pop, “New Man” is surely an entertaining piece that takes the listener on an incredible emotional journey.

The track begins with a more intimate sound from Pinto with the husky vocals and tasteful fingerpicking skills on the acoustic guitar. The piano and synth add a pop of color in the track that’s undeniably beautiful.

The track pulls you in as it continuously builds and then this breathtaking full sound emerges with all of the instrumentals blending perfectly. The harmonies and backing vocals add that dramatic sound and are the contributors to the heart-swelling effect the song has.

The lyrics are phenomenal and tells a beautiful story. It’s about how moving into a new place and environment changes your perspective on yourself and other people.

According to the duo, Rose wrote the song for his girlfriend after moving to New York to follow his dreams. While they tell the beautiful story in the song, they also show the story in their music video, which you are encouraged to check out.

Overall, the duo is extremely talented and just getting started. It’s exciting to wonder what they will release next but, from the sounds of “New Man,” the next song will most definitely be amazing.

Written by Taylor Berry

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