“Dance Routines” by Dead Menace

Dead Menace’s new EP ‘Dance Routines’ is addictive electro pop, marring clever lyrics with catchy bass grooves.

Dead Menace is made up of three brothers who have combined their unique influences and talents to create “Dance Routines”, their new EP. As brothers, they recognised the importance of being able to find their own path. Making the EP, they “enjoyed the space to be creative, to create sounds that were unexpected”. Music that came from a truth, but also got you moving. “It’s the kind of music that lets you go inside yourself, to get psyched up and let the drama slip away and have some fun”. To just “dance the night away” and feel the joy between you and this moment.

The trio utilised the lockdown to their advantage, expanding on their already creative sonic landscapes and song writing skills. After spending a long time experimenting with bouncier pop influences and more rave inclined songs, “Dance Routines” began to take form. Its titular track is an appraisal of individuality. It uses ingenious lyricism, comparing a dance routine to social norms and interactions and ultimately finding yourself within this. “Moving to Japan” is a song about getting lost in the moment and ignoring the red flags while “Magnetic” is about the group connecting and embracing their differences.

With influences such as Gorillaz, The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails, Dead Menace’s “Dance Routines” is an eclectic mix of addictive beats and emotive lyrics. With three tracks exploring relationships with ourselves and those closest to us, “Dance Routines” is a brilliant EP, showcasing the best of what the trio has to offer. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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