“Glory People” by Columbia

Hailing from Cardiff, rock band Columbia are on the rise after a string of successful singles throughout 2021. “Glory People”, rich in dynamics and classic rock ‘n’ roll energy, is their most exciting track yet.

Described as “An instantly captivating hit” by A&R Factory and “Destined to go right to the very top” by This Is The Music, Columbia have quickly garnered respect amongst rock critics and listeners alike. After forming three years ago the four piece became known to the UK indie music scene through consistent gigging and talented song writing chops, evident on previous releases like ‘Keys To The Kingdom’ and ‘Fall Into The Sun’. Extensive radio play and media coverage have helped propel the band into more people’s ears and the boys are all set to release their debut album ‘Embrace The Chaos’ in February.

Columbia is comprised of frontman and rhythm guitarist Craig Lewis, Ben Rowlands (lead guitarist), Chris Webber (drums) and Sten (bass). Close friends on and off the stage, the group’s musical identity is composed off raw energy, explosive hooks and thundering rhythm sections. “Glory People” is anthemic and stadium ready with its catchy chorus and tight production. The bass is meaty and cuts through nicely, providing a strong current for the impressive vocals and exciting guitars to work off. Webber’s drumming is reminiscent of classic rock acts while adding more contemporary grooves to bring this rock song into the modern era.

Ready to start touring and with an exciting debut album on the way, now’s the perfect time to dive into Columbia’s magnetic discography and stream “Glory People”. Check out the anthemic rocker here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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