“Neo Queer” by Terry Blade

Meet award-winning singer-songwriter Terry Blade, he’s been described as a silky smooth neo-soul artist. The Washington, D, born Chicago based artist is said to go beyond the confines of adult contemporary music to elevate a feast of funk and soul, marinated in chilled laidback grooves with soothing sultry vocals that will wrap your soul in a warm blanket. “Neo Queer” from Terry Blade is the late night album everyone needs in their lives.

“LGBT ever since I was three, and I never really cared. Call me he, call me she.” Terry Blade kicks off the album with lyrics that will instantaneously reel you in, the lyrics within the entirety of “Elephant” are something that needs to be noticed and talked about. In addition to the deep sultry voice, Terry has hard hitting one liners in the song much like rappers when they’re making a diss track.

According to Terry, “Elephant” is a direct dig at naysayers and bigots that is both defiant and triumphant, and he reminds us of why he so easily draws us in. He is somehow ruthlessly sensitive and unapologetic AF at the same time. “When you see me in the room, don’t address me I’m the elephant”

“Neo Queer” is full of intimate vibes and Terry gives us a nice break with “You Don’t Know” also known as “Intermission”. When you go see a play they give you a little 15 min break so you can aborb what has been happening in the play. Terry Blade gave us an intermission so we can absorb what has been going on and finish the rest of the album with ease.

Having someone love you for you no matter what is typically the ultimate goal, to be loved for better or for worse, “All Ways” is that feeling in a song. That vibe from “All Ways” carries into “Moment”, the slow tempo, trippy song will have you wishing it never ends. When listening to “Moment” you can’t help but to wish that Terry is singing to you, his voice is so enticing. The deepness mixed with the passion is something to be desired.

“Neo Queer” is coming to an end, Terry chose to finish the album off with “Silent Treatment (ELEM Version)”. This will bring up all the feelings you’ve been suppressing. You can really feel the passion in the lyrics and the vocals of Terry, you can’t help but to start to feel something as well.

“Neo Queer” is an album that does not disappoint and one that you will not want to miss out on. Terry Blade will make you understand your feelings with his music.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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