When COVID19 came to fruition in March 2020, many things that were once deemed normal are not anymore. Going to the movies, restaurants, and concerts is something that is now almost impossible to do without the fear of catching COVID. Even something as simple as going on a walk through nature is not as peaceful as it once was, and Nordbo’s latest EP, “Nature,” encompasses that. The four tracks on the EP, titled “Forest,” “Rain,” “Ocean”, and “Charm,” are peaceful, calming, and tranquil, which is something that we all need right now in 2022, our second year in the pandemic.

Nordbo is a solo artist on the rise from Heimdal in Norway. Nordbo wrote his latest EP while struggling with his mental health. He thought about the freedom he used to have to just walk around nature without a care in the world; That freedom has since been taken away from him. Nordbo wrote and recorded the entirety of the EP on his own, showcasing his undeniable talent. 

Every track has a different vibe. The first track on the EP, “Forest,” has a much more surreal, upbeat vibe: cheerful and optimistic keys, while the second track, “Rain”, has a much more melancholy feeling, which rain and the darkness often bring to people. We have all been locked up in our houses for two years now, and that brings a bit of sadness to everyone. The third track, “Ocean,” begins out with simple keys and the sound of the distant ocean. This track, like “Rain,” has a similar gloomy feeling, but towards the end, the instrumental becomes a bit faster. The last track on the EP, “Charm,” is a bit of an in-between to all the tracks; it has a bit of a more upbeat feeling similar to “Rain,” yet the instrumental is still mainly in the minor keys. 

“Nature” is a perfect EP to drive along the ocean to, listen to while studying, or to relax to. All the tracks on the EP seem to symbolize the everchanging feelings of mental health: sometimes we feel on top of the world, while other times we feel lonely and sorrowful. Nordbo is on the rise, and his music is peaceful and easy to listen to.

Photo credits: Free Stock photo

Written by Melissa Cusano

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