“Strings” by Callaghan Belle

The genre of bedroom pop is gaining momentum, as it is responsible for launching the careers of artists Clairo and girl in red. Bedroom pop gives artists the freedom to produce music from their own bedroom on their own schedule with minimal equipment. Another artist that is capitalizing on the bedroom pop genre is Callaghan Belle.

The single “Strings” has a light, dreamy melody and there is not much in the way of instrumentation, for it is synthesizer/electronic based. The song’s subject matter addresses the themes of heartbreak and betrayal. “You broke my heart ten times. You missed my birthday. You missed your shot.” Callaghan Belle delivers a strong, bitter message to her ex-lover within the chorus of the song. “So, here’s your f**king love song, not the kind you want hun.” The song gradually beings to unfold within the chorus, as a light drumbeat and backing vocals make an appearance. The drumbeat becomes a bit heavier when the chorus is repeated for the second time around. Callaghan’s vocals are soft, rich, and filled with so much emotion. A short pause occurs towards the end of the song, leading up to the final line being sung. The delivery of the last line is intense and dramatic, as the vocals have an eerie effect to them.

Callaghan Belle is originally from Detroit, but she is currently based in Los Angeles. Her vocals bare a strong resemblance to pop star Ariana Grande. Callaghan Belle will be releasing more music throughout the year.


Written by Brittany Jennings 




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