“Luna: The Invisible Irony” by SamSeb Kierkegaard

Influenced by the dark introspection of acts like My Chemical Romance and David Bowie, Kierkegaard conveys a story within his new release that’s as unique and rewarding as one could hope for.

Kierkegaard started writing songs during the first UK lockdown. His passion and dedication saw the inception of Metamorphosis, released in 2020, take form along with a rock rendition of AURORA’s ‘Forgotten Love’. Based in Kent, the past two years has seen a dramatic growth in Kierkegaard’s style, from his raw grunge and psychedelic rock influences present in Metamorphosis, post-hardcore elements all over ‘Forgotten Love’ and now with the more emo-tinged “Luna: The Invisible Irony”

Gearing up to release his EP, Sam has crafted a compelling story explored through each song. Track one, “Luna: The Invisible Irony” also stands as the first chapter of Sam’s new story, a dystopian fantasy that’s as conceptually appealing as it is sonically.

He spoke about the EP’s concept below:

“’Luna: The Invisible Irony” is the first chapter of the story I wrote involving the boy, Luna Moonlight and Uncertainty the Monster. The boy escapes the city of Reality to the city of Dream and Happiness, being chased by a monster named Uncertainty, and the girl appeared under the moonlight to save him. The song tells you allegorically the imagery of people in exodus of colourless reality whilst being in pursuit of happiness and dreams, but they are still haunted by uncertainty which is the manifestation of their unconscious realisation that they need to face reality. Luna Moonlight- the girl who appeared under the moonlight wants to save him by encouraging the boy to go back to the town he came from, but the boy is in constant denial and convinces himself that he belongs in the city of Dream and Happiness and wants to live forever with Luna who doesn’t exist in reality.”

With an exciting new EP on the way and a captivating sonic identity, Sam Kierkegaard is one of alternative rocks most fascinating rising stars. Exploring big concepts and questions around identity, Kierkegaard uses his talents as a storyteller and musician to full extent through “Luna: The Invisible Irony”, a masterful amalgamation of scope and enticing sonic landscapes. Be sure to check the new single out here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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