Artist Interview: “Boodiyayay” by Alex Spinney

Q: I love how groovy and catchy “Boodiyayay” is! What was the inspiration behind the song?

Alex Spinney: Ah thank you! Well musically, it all started from a simple 10 second recording I made on my phone of the main ‘Boodiyayay’ riff, whilst walking around London. Then from that I began to create this bluesy, folky sound that is quite hypnotic and otherworldly, whilst hopefully still staying true to my own pop style.

To me, it’s a cathartic and revenge-filled track, detailing the brutal end of a pretty rocky relationship. People will inevitably ask what ‘Boodiyayay’ means, and the real answer is that it’s open to interpretation! I think it has a slight element of witchcraft about it, which for me places it in this very earthy world of catharsis and revenge, almost as if one is cleansing oneself of a past relationship. Hopefully the song takes people on this journey to find closure as it builds to its huge, powerful climax.

Q: What did you enjoy most about making this “Boodiyayay”?

Spinney: There were so many moments that were enjoyable really, but it’s got to be filming the music video. We shot it in one day in North Wales, with director Lindsay Walker, and we had to lug this piano around the Welsh mountains, and then eventually burn it, whilst I was still playing it. Oh and we also had drone shots, so I got to live that movie star fantasy haha. It was such a great experience though, pretty surreal, but I’m really proud of the video we’ve got, and would like to think that it compliments the song well.

Q:Who would you most like to collaborate with, if it could be anyone in the world?

Spinney: I am a massive fan of Griff, who won the Brit Award for Rising Star last year. She’s making pop music that is so engaging, really current and yet still so emotive. So anything with her would be epic. Then I guess if this is all hypothetical, Elton John? Pink? Alison Krauss? This game could go on…

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

Spinney: So I guess I’d brand my music as ‘piano-based pop’, and within that I like to explore different genres and styles, including folk, classical, soul and blues. I’m a big lover of emotive melodies and classic pop choruses, so I’d like to think I write music that leans into that, whilst adding harmonic texture and distinctive lyrics.

Q: What projects are currently in the works?

Spinney: Well, we’re currently finishing off my 3rd track, which I’m really excited about. It’s got more of an electronic vibe, but still keeping that emotive pop sound that I love. Then I’m thinking of collaborating with a director friend on a music video for it, which should be pretty exciting. I’ve also got 2 more singles on this EP before probably taking a little break and working out my next move.

Q: Any parting words to your fans?

Spinney: Thank you?! Get in touch, follow me/DM me, I’d love to hear from them. To be honest, it still means so much to me if people connect with my music, and I’m just excited to share more. I’ve got 3 more songs from this EP coming out, and they are definitely a bit different to my first two tracks.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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