“Disappointments” by AJ Porter

AJ Porter, the singer-songwriter based out of Manchester, is back with his second solo single after “Don’t Meet Your Heroes”, an indietronica track “Disappointments”. The song begins heavy with drums, with Porter’s unique silky-smooth voice arriving soon after. “Disappointments” is not like other indietronica songs, as it has so many different elements that set it apart from the genre: elements of pop, indie pop, and even elements of hard rock following the guitar solo towards the second half of the track. It’s a song that when listening, you never know what’s coming next, which is truly unique!

“Disappointments” is about a person who has not had the best of luck when it comes to romantic relationships, hence going through much disappointment along the way. The juxtaposition of the upbeat melody to the rather sad lyrics is truly remarkable. Porter knows he is different and is worthy of love, but it isn’t without experiencing disappointments in the process of finding love, which is something that pretty much everyone can relate to.

AJ Porter’s music is smart, fun, and upbeat, with meaningful lyrics, and exciting melodies. He’s on his way to become a solo artist in 2022, as he’s been performing with other bands before, making a name for himself on the way. He performed at Derby Assembly Rooms, London 100 club and Liverpool Cavern Club. He also performed at BBC introducing East Midlands, before moving to Manchester.

“Disappointments” is an amazing, nostalgic in a way, song: elements reminiscent of 80s synth pop, but also has something so modern and fresh, that it is something that the modern generation won’t get enough of. Take a listen to “Disappointments” and Porter’s last single “Don’t Meet Your Heroes”, as he is a talented musician on the rise for success!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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