‘What If I Forget You ='(‘ by Bekka Jean

Dementia is a cruel cruel disease that doesn’t get enough attention in music and art today. It’s hard to find solace when a family member is going through dementia, and it’s even harder for the person experiencing it. There’s that fear of losing your loved ones as they lose their own memories. The mental health associated with that is an absolute struggle, but it’s important to remember that person that you love and be there for them. Bekka Jean tackles this deep topic on a personal level in their latest track ‘what if i forget you ='(‘

The music pulls the listener along in ‘what if i forget you ='(‘ in a way that pulls on the heartstrings. It has a somber tone that captures a distinct emotional turmoil and fear. It has a natural sound with its acoustic fingerpicking and chords. The vocals are beautifully delivered, and they build onto the somber sound with a yearning behind them. It’s a beautiful folksy ballad, and it won’t fail to bring some tears to your eyes.

Lyrically, ‘what if i forget you ='(‘ is heart-wrenching. It delves into the disconnection that dementia builds and the struggles associated with loving someone who has it.  “It’s not fair and I’m scared / What if I forget you like / My mother is forgetting me,” the lyrics detail. It’s scary. When you know a family member with dementia, much of the time the first fear is that person forgetting you. The second fear is the fact that you could easily end up in that same place. It’s a disease that’s hard for every single person involved, which is why it’s important to stick together. This track reminds you to stay close to the ones you love, even when it might not be that easy.

“I hope anyone that comes across my music will be encouraged never to relinquish who they are just to please others. Sometimes standing up for yourself means you’ll stand alone,”  Colorado-based musician Bekka Jean says. They highlight a message of being yourself no matter the person you are throughout their music, and they have encapsulated the character Sonya the Robot for their music, someone they could relate to in terms of their own personal mental health. ‘what if i forget you ='(‘ is an important new track created to spread awareness of the wickedness of dementia. It’s something very personal and real that many of us have had to go through. Hopefully ‘what if i forget you ='(‘ will be a track to help you understand you aren’t alone in this and give you the ability to stay strong.

Written by Sage Plapp





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