“Hunny” by MrrrDaisy

Look no further for the perfect song to include in your Valentine’s Day playlist. UK-based artist MrrrDaisy’s latest romantic hit “Hunny” contains the right elements to put the listener in the mood while commanding them to grind to the rhythm through the enchanting afrobeat and the singer’s smooth vocals.

“Hunny” explore themes of love, affection, and desire through the lyrics and instrumentation. MrrrDaisy not only successfully highlighted those themes in his lyrics, but he also captured the emotions behind those themes in the lyrics and instrumentation. In music, it’s imperative of the audience to feel the song’s emotions through the lyrics and instrumentals.

The blend of pop, R&B, and afrobeat is absolutely stunning and genius — listeners are able to feel the romance but also dance and enjoy the song. While the rhythm is the same, the dynamics in the instrumentation makes the song more vibrant and energetic.

Many songs like “Hunny,” are favored because people can remember the lyrics easily without effort because it’s associated with the memorable rhythm and beat, which is what their attention and bodies are focused on.

“Hunny” is MrrrDaisy’s sophomore single, the first being “The One.” Although MrrrDaisy is an emerging artist, his recent and debut single show the intense amount of talent he has. With over 8,000 streams on Spotify for this new single and almost 30,000 streams for his first one, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing more music from him in the future. If you liked, the track, feel free to follow MrrrDaisy on all platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

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