“Bittersweet” by Elion Melody feat. Smoothsaylin and Motion Sickness

“Bittersweet” by Elion Melody (including Smoothsaylin and Motion Sickness) is beyond impressive. The R&B track comprises top-notch vocal quality and production that doesn’t fail at connecting with the listener through its deep meaning while resonating our ears with enjoyable sounds. And while the song comes to an end, there’s no getting the hook out of your head.

It’s imperative to mention how three people from different parts of the world collaborated remotely to produce this genius record — receiving over 14,000 streams on Spotify (over 1,000 streams the day it was released). Upon hearing the song, it’s evident that each person incorporated their own musical style and it would be an understatement to say that it worked — these three created a masterpiece!

The dynamics in the production of “Bittersweet” are phenomenal. The transitions are smooth and the song maintain its allure. The vocals are superb and add a romantic touch with the female and male vocals blending together perfectly, even when freestyling a bit with the vocal runs.

Unlike a lot of romantic songs that explore the aftermath of relationships where two ex-lovers reunite for another night of romance, “Bittersweet” focuses on the complexities of mentally revisiting the past and thinking about every aspect of that former relationship, whether good or bad, to maybe temporarily heal that loneliness, which kicks in after ending things.

So far, this is the only published song from Elion Melody, Smoothsaylin, and Motion Sickness. They all work individually on their own music, which you are encouraged to explore and follow each of them on their music journey.

Written by Taylor Berry

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