“In Time” by Yon Idy

Melodic, pure, and simple. These are the words to accurately describe singer-songwriter Yon Idy most recent song “In Time,” a beautiful indie-folk piece with relaxing instrumentation and meaningful lyrics. Idy guides his listeners through a melodic and peaceful journey using his smooth voice and beautiful lyricism.

Idy’s humble song is very intimate and enables the listener to feel the emotions in the track and be hypnotized by the softness of the piece. Incredibly, Idy opens up and enables his listeners to catch a glimpse of him inside through “In Time.” And because of it, he connects with his audience through the song’s message, which is you can love someone and happily remember the moments you’ve shared with them without those feelings being mutual — it’s your decision on whether you want to continue holding on until the feelings become mutual or not, but don’t stop making those memories.

By the end of the song, you’re left with this relaxed and pleased feeling along with a sense of freedom to live your life happily. “In Time” is a very inspirational song and there’s no doubt it will touch millions of people and inspire them to not let anything stop them from living their lives to the fullest and to cherish all the memories they make with the people they love.

Idy has more music out there for fans to enjoy — you can listen on all music streaming platforms. Idy is expected to release his first album sometime this year.

Written by Taylor Berry

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