“Femme Fatale” by Cindy-Louise

Many have said it before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again — never underestimate the power of a woman. As an epitome of a powerful woman and singer-songwriter, Cindy-Louise blessed the world with her outstanding single “Femme Fatale,” written to empower women and send a message to men to never underestimate females. I think it’s evident she succeeded after the record received over 22,000 streams on Spotify and over 60,000 views on the music video.

There’s this dark tone in the instrumentation, adding a seductive touch to the song while she sings about how a woman like her can’t be trusted. Cindy-Louise brings chills with her soulful and silk-like vocals, the cherry-on-top of this piece.

Undoubtedly, Cindy-Louise sharpened the blades on this track with her gut-punching lyrics, especially the lyrics during the chorus. She brings out her impactful message with lyrics like:
“Drive you insane and bring you to your knees. Yeah you should’ve known better than to trust a woman like me // I won’t ask your permission, won’t sit on the side, I’m a badass chick woman, you can’t stop me if you tried.”

Thankfully, there’s a music video to go along with this powerful song. And it flawlessly portrays the singer-songwriter as the strong woman she is.

Overall, “Femme Fatale” is a great song to share with those strong and independent women in need of a little boost in confidence.  Snaps to Cindy-Louise for this confidence-induced song. If you enjoyed this track, you’re encouraged to check out her more recent releases.

Written by Taylor Berry

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