“Return Flight” by Wotts

Groovy only begins to describe “Return Flight” the newest release by Canadian pop duo Wotts. This cool song is versatile and exciting through and through. At points leaning into the ethereally synthesizers while at others the hip-hop-esque drum groove. For the entirety, however, the vocals float over top – relaxed and easy-going. Effortlessly pushing the song forwards, I loved how well these different elements worked together.

Although the production was thick and plentiful, the vibe never felt chaotic. Instead, each new voice served a specific purpose and didn’t step on any other. Whether droning in the background or adding rhythmic interest the result was magical. Almost like a dream at points, the groove was palpable. The involved, modern style paired with the vocals awesomely bringing out the best of both parties. 

Playful vocals help entrance the listener while the instrumental chugs along relentlessly. The repetition keeps the chorus stuck in your head for hours after listening. It pairs phenomenally with the different instrumental style happening behind it as well. Sometimes the instrumental sounded like Gfunk, while at others more like a Tame Impala-cover. No matter what, however, the vocals tied everything together.

Every new time I played “Return Flight” I found myself listening to a new part. Whether it’s vocals or a new voice in the background, I found myself constantly discovering new parts. The attention to detail was phenomenal, and shows off Wotts talent. Not only was the song fun to listen to, but it manages to be fun and cool without pandering or buying into musical cliches.


“Return Flight” by Wotts is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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