“Gold Of Mine” by Pixia

Upbeat and energetic, “Gold Of Mine” is yet another phenomenal release by the always cool Pixia. Powerful vocals lead the energy of this high-energy new track. The fun instrumental was supportive and gave Pixia all the room she needed to soar. The house-esque instrumental makes it perfect for both the dance floor and literally anywhere else a good beat is needed.

Pushed along by lyrics of exquisite and expensive things, the entire song adopts that rich people/Hollywood energy. Accentuated by Pixia’s vocal presence, “Gold Of Mine” will have you feeling wealthy (despite what may or may not be your current situation). I loved how well this vibe works alongside the dance instrumental too. Everything ties together phenomenally and because of that the whole song feels larger than life.

In addition to the vibe, the thoughtful lyricism stands out where similar songs fail – the verses. Catchy hooks can define and even make a song, but the mark of a well-developed song is the attention to detail in the verses. There’s not a single lyric in “Gold Of Mine” that feels thrown away or like it’s just filler. Instead, they help expand and deepen the energy of the song.

From the songs exciting energy to the awesome vocals, “Gold Of Mine” is a delight. The type of song that will leave you feeling as cool as the verses themselves. Enjoyable the whole time, and without a lull or drawback this might be Pixia’s best release yet. A great addition to a wonderful artists growing discography.


“Gold Of Mine” by Pixia is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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