“Blue California” by Golden Plates

San Diego based artist Elder Byrcen is Golden Plates, he is a multi talented artist who plays guitar, the vocals Golden Plates and in addition to that, he claims that his clones do everything else. The story of Elder Brycen starts in 2015 when he was living in his bosses closet in Salt Lake City, Utah. He realized he needed a band after recording the first Golden Plates EP on an old laptop with a broken secondhand guitar, and so he cloned himself in what is probably an illegal experiment. The clones were run out of Utah by the religious forces at work their, deemed an abomination to the LDS church, and they ended up in San Diego, CA where they make music in a tiny apartment.

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever in love with someone or someone who puts you on some sort of waitlist. “Blue California” is about being in love with someone that views you as an backup plan, or an obligation. That feeling is gut wrenching, it feels like the biggest hurt you may ever receive in your life. Golden Plates captures this feeling perfectly, when the song starts you can’t help but to stop and listen to the hurt.

“Blue California” is the first song off the latest self titled album from Golden Plates. This is the song to put you all up in your feelings but with no regret. Before you know it, you will have the whole album finished and Golden Plates is one of your newest favorite bands.

“Listening to Golden Plates may cause emotions”

Written by Jaye Maverick




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