“Introductions” by Gavin McGee

Pittsburg, PA based artist Gavin McGee is a singer/songwriter and producer who is living the dream and making music with his little brother Trevor McGee, they also have help from their neighbor Camron Lawrence. Gavin is on vocals, plays guitar and keys, Camron is a producer and multi-instrumentalist and Trevor is also a guitar player.

Gavin made a daring move and during the Covid-19 lockdowns he took a semester off from college when he found out Cam was doing the same. The two then recorded music together several days a week and since then, they send each other parts and ideas and meet over facetime while studying in different states.

Making music is always something fun and something to be proud of. “Introductions” is Gavin’s first project and with this he aims to talk about friendship, love, addiction, and the worlds we live in. “Introductions” is a greeting from Gavin to you and all others who listen while he explores deeper themes and motifs.

Starting his EP off is “10 Reasons”, the guitar really draws you in and almost immediately Gavin comes in with some powerful lyrics. This is the song you play when you are fighting the person you know is your true love. You are giving them the ten reasons on why they need to be yours, but no matter what you do it seems like they are hung up on their ex.

“Muddy Water” starts off eerie and ethereal at the same time, Gavin is speaking upon the heartache of knowing how bad things have gotten. You know those days when you just stay silent because it seems easier than expressing your feelings. “Muddy Water” addresses those issues.

“It’s like drinking muddy water, we don’t even bother to say what we really think. We make it harder on ourselves, but it’s harder on your own.”

The EP comes to an end with “Troublesome” and “always”, Gavin slows it down with these two songs, they have a very hip hop feel to it with some EDM notes. They are very low key songs that you can just 100% vibe to. Dropping out of school to focus on music may have a great decision for him to make. After listening to “Introductions” you won’t disagree.

“I found out doing things alone sucks. But this music is me, things I’ve heard or lived through. That’s why I
have my friends and my brother with me, they are the ones that make this fun.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Andrew Muzin (@east.age on instagram)




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