“Gambler’s Delight” by Kevin Rieth

I’m very excited to have the chance to write about one of Kevin Rieth’s newest singles, “Gambler’s Delight”. This is the fourth single from the San Diego-based artists debut album, Up & Up, as well as being the first song on the album. Trippy and intricate, the whole vibe is catchy and cool. Sounding almost like a modern age Beatles at points. Sometimes led by the groovy bass riffs, while at others the infectious horns. No matter what it was, however, the passionate vocals commanded attention and gave “Gambler’s Delight” its energy.

Putting a modern twist on traditional rock elements kept everything feeling new and refreshing. From more complicated drum fills to the inquisitive trumpet lines, there was always a new part that caught my interest. When layered with thought-provoking lyricism it left me hooked and wanting more. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, “Gambler’s Delight” tells a story that lasts forever, yet is over in a heartbeat. One that makes you feel like time stands still, yet races by somehow.

One of the first things to stick out to me was how well the song transitioned through the different moods. Not only that, but how at ease the band sounded throughout the entirety as well. There was never a moment that sounded out of place or didn’t suit the energy set initially. Instead, as the song went on the mood deepend and grew – giving each instrument a chance to show off and impress. This versatility was refreshing and defined Kevin Rieth’s easy-going energy. An awesome song to listen to literally anywhere doing literally anything.


“Gambler’s Delight” by Kevin Rieth is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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