“We All Seem Fine” by Midnight Flowers

The debut EP from Midnight Flowers is an energetic mixture of 80’s synth and 00’s indie rock that houses eclectic songwriting and endearing performances.

Midnight Flowers is made up of Tatiana Orr (vocals, synths, and keys) and Charles Kaericher (drums and guitars). After forming the band in 2020 they went on to release 2 singles that same year before creating “We All Seem Fine”, an EP containing six utterly blissful tracks. From start to finish, each track pulls you into this 80’s daydream, one you never want to leave. Similarities can be drawn to Beach House and Rosebuds, but Midnight Flower’s unique style and presence has defined them as one if indie’s most endearing upcoming artists.

Recorded in Charles basement, the EP has a viscerally distinct sound that compliments its songwriting style. Engineered, produced, and mixed by Charles and life-long friend David Barnhart (who also provided the gorgeous bass throughout the record), the Ep was mastered by Brad Boatright t Audio Siege Mastering.

While each song has an enticing story, the EP’s core theme revolves around a young woman dealing with first loves and the struggle of moving on from them. There are captivating religious elements throughout as Tatiana laments living life after you move on from a religious ideology you no longer align with. While “Some Time” is the most addictive track with its clever use of dynamics and captivating melodies, other songs like the opener “Shades of Blue” are equally as stunning, utilizing its post-punk energy to draw you in from the get go.

Charles spoke on the records release below:

“After being in bands since I was 14, about half of my life, this is the most proud I’ve ever been about a release I’ve played on. We All Seem Fine was a labour of blood, sweat and tears but it was so f*cking worth it!” – Charles

Energetic and absolutely stunning in production quality and craftsmanship, “We All Seem Fine” is one of the most exciting debut EP’s out there today, fueled by raw performances and awesome instrumentation. At the very start of their promising career, there’s never been a better time to sink your teeth into Midnight Flowers discography. Stream “We All Seem Fine” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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