“Got Him Another Girl” by Snakedoctors

Another great single off of Snakedoctor’s new album “Mellow Joy”, “Got Him Another Girl” is a psychedelic blend of post punk and 60’s garage rock that has you captivated from the opening bars.

Hailing from Poland, Snakedoctor’s are a four-piece band that formed in May 2020. In only a year and a half the group have, incredibly, managed to release three albums and fourteen singles (along with an extra single for All Fool’s Day under the pseudonym Jiri Blaha & Framuga Boys). The band have received extensive radio play, with “Close That Door”, the second single off “Mellow Joy” the bands third album landing a number 1 on the Polish Radio charts as well as charted in Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and overall Central America. Each one of their singles charted on iTunes Poland Top 100 Rock singles sales chart and the reviews of their songs and albums appeared in music magazines in Poland (Teraz Rock, Heavy Metal Pages, Art Mundus and many more), the UK, Canada, Serbia, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries.

The bands unique blending of rock, grunge, post-punk and new wave through psychedelic clarity and mature song writing chops has helped them garner a large following in a short space of time. “Got Him Another Girl” is the perfect example of their clever writing, taking a simple premise of a relationship where one person works too hard while the other doesn’t care and allowing it to expand and grow naturally musically. It’s sharp back beat marred with its post-punk atmosphere makes for an engaging experience unlike anything else.

The band’s newest single is off their third and most recent album “Mellow Joy”, an eclectic mix of songs that push the band’s already diverse discography even further. Mixed in full by Abbey Road Studios in London and mastered at Metropolis Studious, London. Two songs were mastered by Corey Coffman off the band “Gleemer” in his studio in Colorado.

With three captivating albums under their belt in under 2 years, the band’s future is as promising as they come. An energetic blend of classic rock and new wave, “Got Him Another Girl” is another indie banger from Skanke doctors and the perfect introduction to their awesome sound. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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