“Live At Sunset Recording Studios” by ANVR

Reading into the new year with their melancholic release, ANVR (formerly Boston Light Band) graces the world with the release of their intimate “Live at Sunset Recording Studios” EP. The band consists of Andreas Potgieter (lead vocals, guitarist, and producer) and Simon Orrey (Drummer and co-produced). With soothing guitar melodies and warm vocal harmonies, ANVR takes us on a comfortable and emotional journey through the EP. 

Epic opening track, the acoustic version of “Glowing in Gold,” is an intimate and beautiful song with just a melodic acoustic guitar and demanding vocal harmonies. Passion and emotion is evident in this track. The song captures your attention and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, even when the song finishes, leaving you wanting more. Thankfully, the next song is ready to play. 

Potgieter begins “Dive” with his deep vocals and his incredible guitar skills follow. This track pulls hard at the heartstrings with the breathtaking and vibrant harmonies. With a great rhythm and amazing dynamics, the song captivates the audience and holds their interest. 

Third track is “Down by the River,” with a terrific rhythm and chorus. The chorus has this exciting and energetic sound that elevates the mood of the EP a bit. “Superman” is the last song on the EP, comprising beautiful lyrics and passionate voices. The highlight of the song would most definitely be towards the end of the song when Potgieter is heard singing “And the rain goes pitter patter, cutting through the chitter chatter,” gives the song a different touch. 

Overall, the EP is flawless. It’s incredible how ANVR decided to strip away other instrumental “flare,” proving just how much talent they truly have. This EP is a beautiful work of art and I love how intimate it is to the point where the listener can connect with the band. 

There’s no denying that the band is talented. From the sounds of the EP, their future releases will be as incredible, maybe even more, but we are excited for it. We are also excited to see the direction the band goes as they continue their music journey. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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