“Hopes & Horoscopes” by Elison

The second release of indie rock duo Elison is a captivating array of dynamics and raw performances, laying the perfect foundations for Marissa Kephart’s emotive lyrics.

Elison was named by Marissa in honour of her origins; her maiden name Cornelison and her father’s musicianship. In her own words, “My dad’s a long time jazz musician so my love of this art form really stemmed from seeing him perform my entire life. I pulled “elison” out to honor him and his influence in my life, now that I’ve finally started pursuing music for myself. I wanted to know if there was any meaning in the word and quickly discovered it meant “division” or “separation,” which felt serendipitous because that was one huge effect of this pandemic and ultimately, the catalyst that led me to start playing. There was no other option. I had to use elison.”

Kephart used the extra time during lockdown to pick up the guitar and start taking voice lessons. Joining forces with Scott Yoshimura, the two began their journey as Elison, inspired bu bands like Dinosaur Jr., Snail Mail, The Beths, Sparklehorse and Cat Power. Despite approaching music in different ways and starting their musical journey at two different points in life, the chemistry between the duo is transparent through the mature and complex song writing visible in their latest release. “Hopes & Horoscopes” is an enthralling track that builds upon their uniqueness with elegance and style.

With a clear passion and dedication to the craft of song writing, Elison are abandoning industry norms to honour the heart and soul that drives their music. “Hopes & Horoscopes” is an engaging ballad that showcases Elison’s growing talent and natural brilliance in crafting songs. Only their second track, it’s unique brilliance will leave you excited for the duo’s promising future. Stream Elison’s new track here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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