“Цепи” by Love Ghost ft Vollny

Los Angelos based band Love Ghost is back with another unique twist on a song, “Цепи” has lyrics in both Russian and English. Love Ghost is a group of five talented people. They are lead vocalist and guitarist Finnegan Bell, bassist Ryan Stevens, Daniel Alcala as guitarist and engineer backing vocals, Cory Batchler is killin it on the keys, and the kick ass drummer himself, Daniel Gallardo, everyone provides back up vocals. This song also features Vollny who is a well known musician and provides the Russian lyrics and vocals of “Цепи”.

When you google translate “Цепи” to english, it simply means chains, “Цепи” is a song about breaking free from the chains of trauma, at any cost. These last two years have been rough for majority of people, it’s become an era where you take a good hard look at your trauma and decide whether you want this to continue to hold you down or you want to move past it and break free.

Love Ghost is excellent at making you feel normal, at making your emotions okay even though it doesn’t feel okay. With every song they make, they allow you to get out any pent up aggression and that is exactly what “Цепи” does for you. It allows you to open up and let go.

Get the mosh pit and some water ready, Love Ghost is here to help you figure yourself out. You don’t want to miss out on any of their songs especially their latest release Цепи. The group has plenty of live shows coming in March and April so don’t miss your chance to mosh to them live.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Marina Stancil




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