“Come Clean” by Elektric Animals

Denver, CO based Alternative Rock band Elektric Animals is back with newest single “Come Clean”. This five piece group has been on the radar of rock fans since 2018 and have been growing ever since. “Come Clean” isn’t their first single but it is their first single of 2022.

At some point in your life, you have trusted someone with pretty everything because you felt like you knew who they were so they deserved to know you. Then they start to do things that seem off kilter and kind of make you question everything. That’s when it’s time to play “Come Clean” by Elektric Animals and just let loose, this is the song that allows you to tap into those feelings of misplaced anger.

“Come Clean” can be considered a selfish song to an extent but sometimes it’s okay for you to be a little selfish, self care isn’t selfish. It can be better to focus on yourself then to try to figure out what is best for someone else. “Come Clean” describes itself in the title, it’s time for you to come clean and to own up to what you have done or to accept what someone has done to you.

Let that anger out along with vocalist Nick Sanders, at one point he just lets loose and screams his lungs out and you won’t be able to help yourself and you’ll follow along. Elektric Animals is showing no signs of slowing down, they talk about real emotions and they don’t make you feel so alone in this world.

“Come Clean” is about thinking you know someone and then their actions make you question it all. It’s a desperate plea for them to admit to themselves who they’ve become. It can be viewed as a selfish song. You think you know what’s best for someone whether it’s true or not. It has acceptance in it, but also unwillingness. In some of the song, I stay rational while in other parts I’ve lost the rational mind and can’t help but yell in anger – Nick Sanders; vocalist

Written by Jaye Maverick





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