“Remy” by Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Love songs come in all shapes and sizes; It doesn’t have to be a romantic song to a lover, as love is something unique to each person. Seven Layer Piano Cake’s latest indie-pop track “Remy” is just that, a love song dedicated to that special bond that one has with their child.

The mastermind behind the dream-pop project Seven Layer Piano Cake is Justin Hoyt, a multi-instrumental talented musician. His son, Remy, is who Hoyt is pouring his heart out to in this track. The song is upbeat, yet melancholic, catchy, and genre-fusing, having elements of indie pop, rock, and dream pop. 

“Remy ” features Hoyt’s unique voice, which effortlessly switches from alto to soprano-toned, co-produced by Ian Stahl (Cilience). “Remy” not only has an ultra-captivating melody that is impossible to turn off, but Hoyt’s lyrics capture the unbelievable love that one has for their child. The lyrics discuss how hard it is to leave his son and the bittersweet feeling of watching him grow up: “When I leave you, my heart just breaks apart.” Hoyt’s hushed vocals along with the tip-toe instrumental that quietly gets louder encompass the feeling of watching one’s child grow up.

The track begins with Hoyt’s quiet, almost whisper-like voice, accompanied by melodic synths and the Wurlitzer. The track then slowly builds up to the chorus, which showcases Hoyt’s vocal range. “Remy” is an extremely catchy pop track, with elements of synth-pop, alt-rock, and even power pop. It is a truly unique song that has an easy-listening vibe to it, giving it a sound that every listener can enjoy.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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