“Coming Home to Silence” by Jasper Wilderness

Jasper Wilderness is a 6 piece Alternative Rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bassist Samuel Bowling, Jacob Brallier on Dobro, and lead singer Gabriel Phillips all met at the same university when a mutual friend put a school band together. From there they started experimenting with different sounds and eventually added two of Samuel’s childhood friends, Jeremy Pelotte who is the drummer and Justin Scott who plays the keys. Samuel the reached out to his brother Nick Bowling and he completed the band by adding the electric guitar.

According to Jasper Wilderness they strive to transform living room jams into powerful arena style anthems. The six members come from very different backgrounds including India, Mexico, Colorado, and New York, they believe different upbringings helps form fresh perspectives into songwriting.

“Alibi” kicks the album off by tapping into your emotions, almost instantaneously. “I used to dance with no one home, but you killed that notion long ago. I start to come to terms with life, now I’m refusing alibi’s”. The term dance like no one is watching is something you have heard all while growing up.

Now that you’re an adult and you have the can have the ability to actually do that, the freedom you feel is unmatched. Sometimes there comes a point in your life when you encounter a person who just seems to want to steal all your joy. “Alibi” is the song to describes those feelings and to help you get it all out.

As the album goes along, you get to an interesting 80s song, the synth mixed with the subtlety of the keys is a spectacular combination. ” From Dust” is the third song from the album and it gives the album some flavor you weren’t expecting.

This is an uplifting song that will make you feel good while listening to it, you can’t help but to give yourself a pat on the back and a little smile. “From dust I came, and to dust I go. If life is pain, won’t you bring some bring some more.”

The last song on the album is the anthem for the “Coming Home to Silence”, although it isn’t self titled “Headed North” is pouring out all the emotions in this one. For the first two minutes, this is a very solemn, melancholic song that makes you want to cry, you won’t be able to help but shed a tear or ten. After a bout of silence, the group kicks it in high gear and really just lets it all out.

You can’t help but to get goosebumps all over. Jasper Wilderness seems to be achieving their goal of making living room jams into arena anthems. The entire album is full of hit after hit and when it ends they leave you wanting more. If you’re lucky enough to live in Oklahoma, you should pop up at their next show, Thursday Feb 10, 2022 at Foolish Things Coffee Company.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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