“Government Sanctioned Weaponized Fem Boys” by Wastoid

No one describes themselves as uniquely as Wastoid does. Wastoid is a septuplet. Wastoid is puppetry. Wastoid is osmosis of substance. Wastoid has episodes. Wastoid is troglodytic. Wastoid is the gas in a fancy lightbulb. Wastoid has a DNR. Wastoid is going going going going going going. Wastoid is this slimy thing. Wastoid is a mound of matted hair. Wastoid is gingivitis. Wastoid can breath in sulfur fields. Wastoid is no good for the community. Wastoid is unbathed. Wastoid is what Wastoid says.

Wastoid is a duo from Charlotte, NC that consists of Jarrett Mintz as digital producer, including guitars, drums, and synthesizers. Mike Smith who also does digital production, vocals, and bass guitar. Mike and Jarrett have been friends going on 7 years and have been making music for 6 years of those 7. They met at a home town house party and immediately realized the musical chemistry.

“4am, Pissing In The Rose Bush” is the second song from the album and it’s a dig at how much they hate Charlotte. You may not have ever been to Charlotte or even heard of it but you may have beef with your hometown. What’s the solution when you hate something, you pee on it. Taking a piss on a rose bush an four in the morning in a city that you hate is a freedom most won’t understand. Wastoid understands what it means to be punk.

Once you get to “Human Error” you will fully, 100% be in your feelings. Have you ever wondering when things would change? And not for the worst but maybe just maybe things will get better for once, but then they don’t and you’re stuck in this repetitive cycle. “Human Error” is exactly what is sounds like. This particular song is more on the post punk/gothic vibe, its very depressing but in the best way possible. You just want to be under a red light, whilst dancing with no smile on.

What happens when you text 828-756-0109? Why don’t you try and find out. This chaotic song will have you bouncing off the walls, then questioning life, then questioning why you’re questioning life. “828-756-0109” is a trip and a half, it’s a song that you will definitely not forget. This is the kind of song that belongs in the soundtrack of a drug induced movie or tv show.

“Fog Where My Eye Used To Be”……have you ever opened your eyes after a great but groggy sleep and you can’t see a damn thing and you’re so confused but you know it’ll be okay because at least you’re at home. That is what “Fog Where My Eye Used To Be” is in song form.

The duo may be new to the scene but they are a group that you won’t want to miss out on. These two individuals are bringing a different twist on music and you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving them.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: @realerthanthematrix





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