Born in the great New York City, Gilbert “Pulpo” Colon Jr. has spent majority of his life becoming one of the premier salsa pianists of his generation. At the age of 14, Pulpo began his musical journey of piano and was studying under Charlie Palmieri. Pulpo released his first album “Hot Bread” in 2008 and fourteen years later he is back with a long awaited single “Cachita”.

“Cachita” starts off with a very familiar and friendly vibe, Pulpo’s piano skills are really highlighted in the first few minutes. When “Cachita” starts to play you immediately want to get on that dance floor and salsa your life away, even if you don’t know how to dance. Pulpo makes you want to dance. One of his goals with this single is to take his long time fans down memory lane.

About halfway through “Cachita”, Pulpo switches up the vibe and slows the mood down and makes it more sexy. He keeps you encapsulated by talking through his keys, he is essentially telling you a story without having to speak. Closer to the end, he picks the pace back up and you really can’t help but to shake your hips.

“Cachita” by Pulpo is something everyone needs in their lives, this catchy/nostalgic song will have you dancing the night away and wishing the song would never end. It’s easy to get caught in Pulpo and his keys, he makes it hard to not pay attention.

What stuck with me most was that with the piano, you have the whole orchestra in front of you. And if you played it right, you could literally play it by yourself and actually be saying something. – Pulpo

Written by Jaye Maverick



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