“Sidewalk Chalk” by glibs (feat. Koezi)

Glibs, the multi-talented Wisconsin Native is back with a new track, “Sidewalk Chalk,” featuring hip-hop artist Koezi. The track is vibey and addictive, featuring silky-smooth vocals from glibs and Koezi. The track blends elements of hip-hop and R&B to bring this guaranteed showstopper to any party or club.  

The song begins with Koezi’s low-toned, effortless voice, bringing a mumble rap element: his almost dream-like voice feels like floating on a cloud. Glibs then comes in with his melodic voice, bringing in more of an R&B vibe to the track; the combo of both voices truly creates a masterpiece to vibe out to, drive to, dance to; The types of scenarios that this song can play out to is endless. Koezi’s voice brings a sound that is reminiscent of rappers like Post Malone and Travis Scott, with glib’s velvety smooth voice: together bringing in a perfectly genre-fusing track.

Glibs was raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and now lives in LA. He’s coming off hot from an incredibly impressive music placement in the CW’s “The 4400”, as well as his successful single “Fifa.” Being on the rise, he is guaranteed to be an artist on the lookout. His music is something that everyone can vibe out to and enjoy; It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like. The two together, glibs and Koezi, created a beautiful, ambient track. 

“Sidewalk Chalk” comes out today, February 11th. Make sure to put it on your party playlists, Spotify car rides playlists; It even has a sensual feeling that is perfect for Valentine’s day. Glibs is an artist to watch; Give “Sidewalk Chalk” and glib’s other tracks a listen. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Debbie Rodriduez

Written by Melissa Cusano

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