“Life Guarding Elephant – Live at the Ivy Room” by 2AMature

2AMature is a three piece alternative punk band from good ole Central Florida. This group consists of vocalist/guitarist Geomar Berube, backing vocalist/bassist Julio Andrade, and backing vocalist/drummer Yanmark Berube. The band started in 2019 and in 2020, they released their first single “Life Guarding Elephant”, which then turned into and EP.

Do you have 6 minutes of your day to spare? Of course you do, everyone does. 2AMature is keeping true to being a punk band, their entire EP is six minutes long, giving you plenty of time to have a mini mosh pit sesh then get back to work. Think of it as a punk break.

You may hate wet socks but you’ll love “Water Socks” from 2AMature, kicking off the album with a possible drunken love song vibe. “It’s 2 AM and now I know she’s over me”. This heavy hitting sad-ish song may have you internally crying in the mosh pit.

Generally we are told to stay away from ouija boards, but you’re not going to want to do that with 2AMature’s song “Ouija Board”, for two and a half minutes they really just let loose and you can’t help but bounce off the walls and maybe break your face a little bit.

2AMature is a true punk band, they are keeping the spirit of punk alive with every single song they make. “Daylight Debt” is no different. It’s heavy, it’s mosh pit inducing, it is punk. They are going to quickly gain the attention of all punks, they make music for the weirdos and the weirdos can’t help but to love it.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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