“notes app apology” by Cate Tomlinson

Fighting with someone you care about is the worst. In the moment nothing feels right to say, and the minute you get away from one another you suddenly can think clearly. Frantically writing down how you feel on your phone so you don’t forget your thoughts is something I think a lot of people can relate to. This oddly intense calmness is captured phenomenally on Cate Tomlinson’s newest song, “notes app apology”. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, this grungy-pop tune is entertaining and exciting through the entirety.

Equal parts intense and easy-listening, “notes app apology” is a delight to listen to. This cool new release from the Boston-based singer songwriter twists beauty and vulnerability in a unique and unprecedented way. The gentle instrumental provides the perfect platform to spotlight the powerful vocals. Whether it’s the lead melody or the jazzy harmonies, every new vocal line deepend the songs texture and enhanced it’s effect.

At points the vocals lean into that dark pop vibe, almost like Allie X or Charlie XCX; while at others the melodies expand and show off the powerhouse vocals. No matter what mood they were capturing, the way the vocal melodies and harmonies would ring out was incredible. They do so in a way that sounds relaxing and easy for Cate Tomlinson too. Although the presence is undeniable, the calm and confident energy had everything sounding relaxed. A phenomenal release for the up and coming artist, and a wonderful addition to her already great discography.

“notes app apology” by Cate Tomlinson is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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