“If in Doubt” by Naked Face

Melbourne based band Naked Face are a three-piece band composed of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve ‘Slik’, Drummer Nathan ‘Stone’ and Guitarist/Vocalist Eddy ‘Seagoon’. According to the group they met back in 2017, Steve Slik met Nathan Stone in a band he had auditioned for, and their love and passion for music united the two to form a band of their own.

In 2019 they were seeking a guitarist and came across UK-born Eddy Seagoon who had recently moved from Sydney. After auditioning Ed, his unique vocal tone and playing style immediately cemented him into Naked Face. In August of 2020, Naked Face released their debut single ‘Beach Punk’ during the height of COVID-19 and the rest is becoming history.

You’re lying if you say that you’ve never been insecure, to just have no fears or doubts is almost an impossible thing. In their newest sing “If in Doubt”, Naked Face sings about the insecurities that come about by speaking on real life issues. The paranoia that is felt by worrying so much is just causing this endless cycle.

Ed’s soothing yet in your face vocals is something you don’t want to miss out on, it’s something special. “If in Doubt” is a very melodic song that will get so many untreated emotions out. They make it feel okay to let loose and feel all your emotions, even ones you may want to hide. When the guitar solo hits, that is when you just forget it all and head bang your life away.

Naked Face has made tremendous waves with their first two singles and “If in Doubt” is no different. When a song is relatable and sounds amazing, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Naked Face is making it pretty damn impossible to not love them.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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