“Idle Time” by Black Borrachero

Black Borrachero is a 3-piece post grunge act that consists of drummer Chris Goldie, Nicholas Traill on bass and Nick Fisher who is the singer and lead guitarist. Fisher fled his home city of Milton Keynes in pursuit of the Glasgow music scene and to begin the band you know as Black Borrachero.

The group describes themselves as a 90’s throwback grunge trio, except in a nice modern slim fit suit. Smooth and refined like a well aged whisky. And yet loud like a cheap tequila. According the Black Borrachero “Idle Time” is two and half minute banger that will leave you wanting to hear it again and again.

There comes a point in your life when all you seem to do is overthink, your brain is moving too fast and you can’t keep up. The song is about the fact that the mind needs idle time, in order to be creative. All too often these days we fear boredom and find a quick fix. This is dangerous for the imagination. Be bored. Be alone. Deal with it. Think.

Black Borrachero wants you to face everything you’re to afraid to address, “Idle Time” is the comforting yet in your face song you need to let your brain breathe. Being “bored” is a way for you to relax. Nicks vocals and guitar compliments Chris’s drumming and the steadiness of Nicholas on bass.

As the song comes to an end, you feel like you’ve just left a therapy session. “Idle Time” allows you to get a lot of emotions and thoughts out, it allows you to process. Black Borrachero is the grunge back you need in your life, they make you feel very nostalgic whilst still living in the moment. You won’t regret taking two and a half minutes to listen to “Idle Time”.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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