“Bang” by Jane Machine

Portland, OR based songwriter/producer/vocalist Erica von Trapp is a solo artist by the name of Jane Machine. She is as much dreamy and sensual as it is gritty and melancholic. She enjoys exploring notions of human purpose, desire, and void and swims through a mix of analog synths, intimate vocals, experimental instrumentation, and electronic/modular percussion. The result is a playful yet haunting ethereal art pop.

Upon listening to Jane Machine, she instantly transports your to an 80s prom night. Her newest single “Bang” is somehow nostalgic and takes your mind to another place. This timid dance tune will make you want to smoke a little and shake your booty, this is the kind of song you play while dancing under a red light.

“Bang” is the first song off of Jane Machine’s upcoming 11-track album “shshshsh”. This dreamy song will you 100% make you day dream, it really is the perfect procrastination song, it’s easy to play this over and over and forget what the hell it is you were supposed to be doing.

Jane Machine conceived the track after hearing the whole composition in a dream. It was a dream erotic in nature, but fractured, glitchy and shadowed. She woke up, tracked the vocals immediately, then spent the rest of the day recording the beat, finding the lead arpeggiators and synth parts, and experimenting with abstract percussion.

If this is what happens when Jane Machine brings her dreams to life, then all you want her to do is sleep. Her magical music is something you won’t want to miss out on because you will regret it if you do.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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